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How to Work with a Recruiter: Pro Tips!

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

It is a recruiter's job to match candidates with the best possible job fit. They are experts, so have trust in them and the hiring process. Here are some of the best tips to help you work with a recruiter.

1. Be Transparent. Recruiters don’t want to waste your time or their own time, so be forthcoming with your requests. If you are looking for a specific requirement, such as a work-from-home opportunity, let them know right away. Their job is to find candidates that best fit a role, so knowing the full extent of what you are looking for is important.

2. Be Honest. We have to trust one another! Don’t lie about experience or embellish to make yourself stand out. Recruiters know how to read people and can typically see through any lies. Give yourself the best chance you can by being trustworthy.

3. Avoid Negative Talk. While it's important, to be honest, you want to stay respectful. Speaking badly about your former company may give the wrong impression of who you are as a professional. Tell the story of your reason for leaving a prior company with facts and leave the emotion out of the conversation. Turn it into a positive conversation by speaking about how you overcame these challenges or how the challenges have helped you develop professionally.

4. Don’t Overshare – Keep it Professional. Recruiters sometimes get too much information when speaking with candidates. Be sure to keep your comments and explanations to the point and professional. For example, if you had to take time off in between jobs for a medical procedure, that's all you need to say, and they will understand. They don’t need to know all of the details of your procedure. All that matters it that the recruiter knows you are now healthy and able to work. Stay focused on sharing the details of professional project work and accomplishments.

5. Be Receptive to Feedback. Strong recruiters want to help candidates. They will give you feedback from your interview and help you through the hiring process. It's what they are there for! Any constructive feedback a recruiter gives you is for your benefit and to coach you so you make the best impression possible in your next interview. A recruiter will not run you through several interviews if they know you don’t have the necessary experience.

Bonus Tip: Don't Overstress. Recruiters are people too! So there's no need to be nervous when speaking with them. They will ask detailed questions so they understand your background, enabling them to find the best fit! Come to your conversation prepared and confident, and you'll do great!


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