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Top 12 Recruiting Trends of 2019

Top 12 Recruiting Trends of 2019

1) Invite candidates to interview your company

2) It's all about building genuine relationships

3) Move at lightning speed to schedule interviews

4) Culture is king - candidates want to find the right tribe and vibe

5) Constant candidate communication - they need to feel the love

6) ROI factored into offers - Pay more for candidates that save or generate

7) Wrap it up! 2 interviews max - passive, busy candidates won’t wait

8) Recruiting is every employee’s responsibility

9) Treat candidates like they are your guest

10) Sometimes they're just not that into you - candidates have choices

11) People want to work where they can fuel their passion & make a meaningful impact

12) It is “who knows you”, not who you know

By Kathy Panaro

President and CEO

The Panaro Group LLC – Your Strategic Recruiting Partner


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