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We are RECRUITING EXPERTS. It’s not who you know, it's who knows you. Talented and busy candidates typically do not apply to job postings. We approach passive candidates and persuade them to consider your position.

Founded in 1995, The Panaro Group LLC is 100% women owned and has over 20 years of experience developing a Recruiting Center of Excellence that you can tap into as needed. Recruiting is a science that requires best practices, strategy and commitment to identify, recruit and hire the best talent. The Panaro Group LLC has created long-term partnerships with companies that value talent and understand how it impacts their business.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now, and we can begin to help you fill those positions today.


The more technical the positions, the better! We “grew up” in manufacturing and IT - filling positions in leadership, all types of engineering, operations, sales, manufacturing plants, logistics, procurement, field service technicians, IT software and infrastructure and HR. 

Design, MEP & Trades
Manufacturing & Engineering
Technology, IT, AI,  IoT  Data Analysis and BI
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Executive &

Why The Panaro Group LLC?

Customized and strategic recruiting solutions allow you to hire smarter and faster at a lower cost. Hiring managers only focus their time on “qualified and interested” candidates. We fast-track the process!

Strategic recruiting and hiring drives business value and measurable outcomes such as:

  • Better quality hire, longevity, and increased job satisfaction

  • Increased revenue and productivity from a filled position

  • Stronger employee engagement and morale by having a balanced workload

  • Real-time market data from candidates who are qualified and interested in your positions

  • Employer branding - we tell your story to hundreds of target candidates! 

  • We flex our team up and down as your needs change. No need to hire full time recruiters.

  • HR is free to focus on retaining the great team you already have, rather than recruiting

  • You will learn from us! Our partnership will make your leaders better hiring managers.


The biggest challenge facing business leaders today is the ability to  identify, attract and hire strong talent to grow their businesses.

Kathy Panaro
Founder and CEO

Kathy Panaro is the Founder and CEO of The Panaro Group LLC ~ Your Strategic Recruiting Partner, a premier boutique Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm in Milwaukee. The firm, founded in 1995, has celebrated 20+ years of helping clients nationwide. Identifying, attracting and hiring top talent is essential for a business to reach its potential.


Kathy was an early entrepreneur and professional recruiting expert with experience "running a desk" while building a business. This experience was an asset as she built her recruiting teams to serve a broader client base. Kathy has an affinity towards working with companies that capitalize on their culture to entice passive candidates. Taking the time to understand each client's unique culture and identifying candidates that fit that culture has resulted in high retention rates, setting The Panaro Group LLC apart from other national firms. The "work hard, play hard" concept is embraced by her team of resilient recruiters who uphold a commitment to filling client jobs and delivering measurable results.


As one of the pioneers of RPO, Kathy has challenged the status quo of the traditional corporate recruiting environment by developing and delivering a refreshing recruiting process that is more intentional and pro-active in an organization’s approach to talent acquisition. The process is designed to offer an exceptional "candidate experience" while delivering results to hiring managers. She has partnered with and mentored many companies that cannot afford to post a job and wait for applicants. Kathy and her recruiting team have helped many businesses and product lines grow as a result of hiring the right talent and cultural fit.

We have used The Panaro Group for over a year with great success! It is like having an extra staff member on our HR Team. With recruiting today, decisions have to be made quickly and efficiently and The Panaro Group has helped us do just that!

- Karen W., HR Manager, Mid-sized Manufacturing Company, Hartland, WI

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