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7 Ways to Speed up your Hiring Process

Imagine, if all of your open positions were filled. How much revenue would you generate?

1) Outsource the Recruiting. Time is Money! Focus on your business and what makes you profitable. What are the implications and or costs, business loss, and impact on morale with open positions? This will reinforce the Hiring Team to act decisively.

2) Tell and Sell: Does the job description “tell” what core skills are needed and “mini-sell” on what you can learn and leverage in this position? Does your Career Page Sell?

Boost employee referrals. Ask for “targeted help”. Meet with employees asking for resources they would use, and mentors of theirs, asking them about others in their inner circle. Build and maintain a talent pool now and in the future to reduce your cycle time.

4) Diversify Your Sourcing/Applicant Channels: Reach potential candidates through a variety of applicant channels/venues. Be mindful of your audience and your messaging and the platform you are on, as one size does not fit all. The more diverse sourcing methods used throughout the process, the more likely you are to find the right candidate quickly.

5) Leverage Technology: Be Mobile Friendly: Have a Mobile-Friendly Application, Career Page, or Website. Make it easy to apply, stay in touch, and keep them engaged.

6) Compress the Interviewing Process & Make every step count: Have key questions grounded in the “must haves” to evaluate potential talent. Use the targeted job description as a point of reference. Having the Hiring Manager’s Scorecards rank each candidate on elements such as culture fit, skill set, and whatever else is important.

7) Act Decisively: Get feedback from the members of the Hiring Team while it’s still fresh. Extend offers within 24-48 hours of the interview. Keep good communication with candidates as they may get multiple offers. Avoid the “ black hole syndrome” where candidates don’t hear back. This can compound resulting in “reputational damage”. Dissatisfied candidates may take it personally and social media platforms and review sites make it easy to air their grievances, which can undermine your company’s brand and reputation.


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