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Experience the Difference: Outsource Your Recruitment to The Panaro Group 

Why engage The Panaro Group to handle your recruiting?


Two hands reaching out to each other that are covered in words that describe partnership.

We are your partner. When you partner with our firm, you are never on your own. You will have a dedicated recruiting consultant providing the support, working side by side with you throughout the entire process, from creating job descriptions to the final offer. Our consultants are committed to building long-lasting relationships. They have the knowledge to offer you recruitment and business solutions that will help you build a dream team and a more profitable business.  

For some, there is a hesitation to work with an outside agency. They may have had a negative experience, leaving them with the misconception that an agency is not your partner and that they are expensive. They feel that they are only getting paid to fill the job, therefore incentivized to work quickly to force a fit, rather than work thoroughly. That is how our RPO firm distinguishes ourselves from staffing and contingent search agencies. We are embedded with the client and have a true partnership with you. We are working on your behalf as your advocate, sourcing passive candidates that fit your business needs. We help our clients become the best employer-of-choice that they can be.

-Kathy Panaro, Founder and CEO of The Panaro Group 

Our expert recruiters are embedded with your HR team. Hiring managers can look forward to a seamless experience. Our recruiting consultants are experts in communicating and meeting the needs of HM’s as well as human resources, eliminating frustrations from using inexperienced agency recruiters. It will look and feel as if our recruiting consultant is sitting next to your desk. 

"We have used The Panaro Group for over a year with great success! It is like having an extra staff member on our HR Team. With recruiting today, decisions have to be made quickly and efficiently and The Panaro Group has helped us do just that!

- Karen W., HR Manager, Mid-sized Manufacturing Company, Hartland, WI

We offer plug-and-play, cost-effective recruiting services. We bring the process to you. Our process has been tested for 29 years and counting. We offer flexibility and scalability, allowing your business to adapt your recruitment efforts according to evolving demands. Small-to-medium sized businesses benefit most from our streamlining of the recruitment process. By outsourcing recruitment, organizations can reduce overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-house HR team while benefiting from a scalable solution that aligns with their budget. 

We are human centric in a digital world. We will not replace human to human interaction with AI. We will not replace rich conversations with clients and candidates with automated systems. Conversations, communication, and understanding are essential to our success, which appeals to all generations of clients and candidates. 

We rely on data-driven results to guide us to more robust solutions to your company’s hiring needs. 

Data is our window to what is happening in real-time so we can course-correct quickly along the recruiting journey for each project. It also allows us to measure results. We share our data and insights with clients weekly and advise them on how we both can take corrective action immediately to fill positions faster.

-Kathy Panaro, Founder & CEO of The Panaro Group

We provide white glove service. We understand it is not about filling the job or the executive placement. Many search firms tend to peddle the same candidates to multiple companies rather than search for professionals with experience and skills that will meet your unique needs. Like you, we share a passion to provide the best service to our clients and candidates. We believe that sincere relationships deliver deep insight and valuable support.  

A group of employees at a volunteering event

We have a community mindset. We are small but mighty. Our community service events bring our team together to help others. Our annual tradition includes the gift of giving: We donate money to the charity of our client’s choice, allowing them to give to an organization that touches their heart and creates a ripple effect in our community.  

We are a high-touch, high-communication boutique firm. We fill jobs every day and get results for our clients. Allow our recruiting consultants to help you find successful candidates in the work that you are doing that can reflect your work culture and values. Together, we create the recipe for long term success and retention in your business.  

Building a dream team: National leaders in recruitment process outsourcing, Kathy Panaro and her team at The Panaro Group LLC are experts at building teams in IT, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, and construction industries.
Kathy Panaro, Founder and CEO of The Panaro Group

The Panaro Group LLC is a top recruiting agency in Milwaukee offering:  

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