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How can HR Managers fill jobs faster?

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How does an HR Manager do it

all? Being tasked with HR duties as well as recruiting can be overwhelming. If you’re trying to fill positions without a full-time recruiter, it can be difficult and take away from your core HR duties. The pressure is real! Your hiring managers are worried you will not be able to fill their key positions. Business goals need to be met, but without the right people the work won’t get done. It is stressful.

Engaging a recruiting consultant can be an effective solution. It allows you to move your recruiting duties to an experienced recruiter’s desk, while you focus on other HR priorities. The Panaro Group LLC offers RENT-A-RECRUITER™ as a fantastic contract recruiter option for smaller businesses in need of occasional recruiting assistance. You can’t do it alone, but we can help.

Our experienced recruiters will partner with you to create a customized recruiting solution for each open position. We pride ourselves on our high-touch, communicative service model, ensuring that your hiring managers and candidates have a positive experience working with us. We recruit for technical positions in manufacturing, engineering, IT, construction, and sales.

Our recruiting experts will go above and beyond to ensure your company achieves its business objectives by finding top-talent candidates to fill your open positions. You can relax and know that your jobs will be filled! You can focus on your HR initiatives and keep your current employees happy and engaged. We will handle the recruiting for you.

Learn more about RENT-A-RECRUITER™ by emailing at

Our recruiting experts look forward to working with you!


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