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Preparing for your annual review

It’s that time of year – the time to reflect on the year behind you and all your accomplishments. It can bring anxiety for many ... What will my boss say? Are they satisfied with my work? Did I meet their expectations?

To ease the stress and help you feel prepared to discuss 2022, we’ve laid out a few areas to focus on before that feared meeting with your boss rolls around.

Review and reflect

Go back through your records – projects, folders, calendars – and find some key tasks or projects you were involved in. Identify your contributions and reflect on what made these so important to your company goals.

Be approachable

People are less likely to share everything with someone who is closed off or expressing a negative attitude. Show you are open and eager to receive all feedback – the good and the bad – by being aware of your verbal and non-verbal communications.

Prepare for criticism

Receiving constructive criticism can be tough for most people. The best response is to take accountability and offer solutions for the future. Thank your boss for their feedback, explain your thought process on the scenario, and offer a plan moving forward.


Allow your boss to explain their thoughts fully or you may miss something critical. It’s important to listen, digest, and then respond.

Ask questions

Ensure you understand the feedback fully by asking questions. This is a great step to take before responding, especially to any negative feedback.

Save time to talk about the future

If things are not going as planned, discuss what can be done next year to ensure you are meeting expectations. If things are going better than planned, discuss next steps for a promotion or possibly a career change.

End on a positive note

You don’t want to walk out of there feeling confused or down. This meeting should bring clarity to what steps are needed moving forward. Positive feedback will give your boss confidence in you for 2023.

These areas may not apply to all, but it’s a great starting point to feel equipped going into a meeting like this. Keep in mind it is important to have these end-of-year meetings to ensure you are on track with company goals and your own career path. And remember – your leader taking time to stop and discuss your goals is a sign they want you to be successful!


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