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The tech talent pool is loosening. The time for recruiting top tech talent is NOW

Our tech recruiting firm The Panaro Group LLC has talked to more candidates within the last few weeks than we have in the entire first quarter. Employee confidence is at an all-time low. Uncertainty is prevalent. However, even with a high unemployment rate there are many, many businesses operating at full capacity, or beyond. Professional level tech talent remains in very high demand. IT projects, engineering, manufacturing, cloud, construction services and tech innovation have not paused.

Employers and leaders have a unique window of opportunity right now to actively recruit passive talent. The virus crisis has made people reevaluate their daily work, contributions and needs. High-value candidates are now taking a breath to reassess their own goals and ambitions. Working at home has allowed many hyper-busy professionals to slow down and make time to explore and research new career options. They are calling upon their recruiters to discuss options that re-align their careers with what they really want to do. They are searching for positions, projects and responsibilities that bring them joy and meaning in their daily work.

Working through a widespread crisis now, more than ever, employers realize the value of strong, strategic, adaptable and human-centric professionals. It may also reveal who is not in the right seat on the bus. Don’t allow this unique opportunity to pass you by. Your business deserves the best talent to achieve business goals and get through uncertain times. Candidates deserve the most personally-rewarding career. Bringing these two together is like creating plutonium in a bottle. The secret sauce. It is what brings me joy every day in my work as a tech recruiting firm owner. While many talent acquisition professionals feel this is time to pause, it is very much the opposite. The time is now to act and strategically hire.

Author: Kathy Panaro, Founder & CEO The Panaro Group LLC


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