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Is Recruiting Still A Part of Human Resources?

As a recruiter, have you ever filled out a survey and gotten a drop-down box asking what your profession is? You look and there isn’t an option for recruiting, however, there is one for human resources. Is recruiting still a part of human resources?

Human resources is a very broad field that encompasses various functions relating to managing people within an organization. Gone are the days when human resources posted a job description, managed, and interviewed numerous qualified candidates who applied. Today, as recruiters, we are reaching out to passive candidates to see if they are interested, qualified, and fit into our company’s culture. We have to explain to them why our position and company are better than where they currently work, or better than the two other companies they are interviewing with. Souring, identifying, and recruiting a candidate to work for your company vs. interviewing candidates from a pool of applicants are two very different positions.

Let me be clear, human resources is an extremely valuable part of an organization. If you think about it, they manage people within the organization and as recruiters, we are managing candidates to come work for the organization. Once the right candidate is identified, human resources take over managing them. I ask you to think about it – do you feel recruiting is still a part of human resources, or have we built our own profession which should be included in the survey’s drop-down boxes?


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