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Level the playing field

Businesses of all sizes need top talent to remain competitive and achieve company goals. The Panaro Group LLC will represent you in the market as we identify and approach candidates who fit your company's needs. Tap into our recruiting experts as needed. No need to hire in-house recruiters to stay ahead of the game.


Woman in Grey Suit

Outsource your recruiting to the experts!

It is easy!

Our experienced technical recruiters are TPG Certified Recruiting Consutants™ . We can jump in quickly to take over your recruiting function so you can focus on your business goals

We are human, not AI. You an expect high-touch and high-service

We are driven to succeed by filling your positions with those who are a technical and cultural fit.

Expect results!

We can provide 20 to 500 recruiting hours per week

It is plug-n-play. Instantly expand your talent acquisition team as needed

Perfect for :

  • Small to medium size businesses that do not have a recruiter on staff

  • Companies in a growth mode that need more recruiting horsepower

  • Large corporations expanding their technical teams or adding a shift

  • When you need a flexible TA team during uncertain times. We flex our team up and down as your needs change

  • Temporary coverage for medical and personal leaves

Project Based RPO
(Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Ideal for those high priority or stubborn positions or if you hire less than 20 people per year.

We bring the recruiting expertise and process to you as we identify and approach  and give you access to passive candidates.


Faster results and reduced cost-per-hire are just a couple of the benefits of working with us.

It’s a Partnership. Each client has different needs. We partner with you to create a customized recruiting solution that is right for you. We can take over all of your recruiting or work in tandem with your in-house team on a project basis. Our high-touch service model ensures that your hiring managers, HR leaders and candidates will have an optimal hiring experience. We will take care of recruiting while your leaders focus on their core business goals.

Executive Search

Contingent Search

Executives set the tone for your business. Finding visionary and strategic leaders who inspire, align and navigate is not an easy task. These key positions require great care and precision. Our founder, Kathy Panaro, personally oversees these precious Executive Search projects. Having over 25 years of experience and professional connections, we will identify and recruit the “short list" for you to interview and select your top tier leaders. Hiring “the right leader” is a game changer!

Professional level positions are the lynchpins in your organization. We target candidates that will add value to your organization immediately. Rely on our recruiting expertise to fill professional level positions. Your business depends on good people as part of “your product”. We guarantee that we will have phone interviewed every candidate submitted, providing you critical information that would not be discovered on a resume.

Executive Search

Talent Sourcing

Stay ahead of the game! 

The Panaro Group LLC’s recruiting experts will identify talent as you need it or before it becomes a critical hire. Having a strong pipeline of candidates is critical to any search. Our experienced research and sourcing teams will leave no stone unturned. We are technical, so we understand your needs.

Office employee

"The Panaro Group efficiently zeroed in on our specific professional and personal requirements for our executive opening. We quickly were interviewing great matches. Highly recommend this firm!"

- Alan P., Owner and CEO of Mid-sized Manufacturing Firm, Sussex, WI

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